MBP 2,5 MWt

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готовые котельные


Modular boiler plant with the capacity 2,5 MWt


corresponds to simple and reliable construction with minimum equipment.

1. Boiler plant of this type consists of two modules, joined in a single complex. It is equipped with 2 “Standart” boilers with the capacity 2,5 with manual coal conveying (one of them is basic, the other is spare). Capacity of the boiler plant allows to heat 25000 square meters area of residential or production territory.

2. The module is spacious enough for 2-3 persons being there simultaneously. It is possible to install a personal service room for the personnel of the boiler plant. The temperature inside the boiler plant is comfortable for round-the-clock job because of continuous cooling of the area.

3. Boiler plant is provided with daylight illumination through six plastic windows as well as with artificial lighting.

4. The system of transferring from the basic boiler to she spare one allows to “burn” the second boiler within an hour and reach standard conditions without noticeable temperature loss in heating system.

5. Coal conveying and ash disposing are performed in a manual mode. If necessary these operations can be mechanized.

The equipment is installed and strapped in each block.