Mission "Sibkotlomash"

" We try to manufacture the most reliable and safe equipment to make every enterprise warm and make people feel comfort and coziness both at work and at home."


Our customers, their demands and wishes form the basis of activity of our plant. We are absolutely sure that only together with our clients and partners we may reach the goal – to become one of the best manufactures of boiler equipment in Russia and the countries of the near abroad.

Our values:

Respect for customers

Trust in partners



Openness and flexibility


Dedication to excellence

Our rules:

To be more than just a plant

To pay attention to each customer and partner

To build long-term relations

To develop products constantly

To meet our commitments to clients and partners

To meet our commitments to the personnel 

The sky is the limit


Our values determine our strict requirements to every master, every manager, and every administrative officer. Our values – are principles on the basis of which the directors establish goals and find out whether they have been reached. These values determine mutually beneficial relations with customers and partners. Such philosophy helps to achieve the synergy of successful activity and move to a new level of relations with any enterprise.