Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers. Such as: "What kind of boilers do you manufacture?", "What is the difference between boilers “Standart” and boilers “Universal”?", "Does “Sibkotlomash” manufacture steam boilers?" and many others.

1. What kind of boilers do you manufacture?

Answer: Our main specialization is manufacture of hot-water boilers burning solid fuel (black and brown coal) with the capacity below 4 MWt. The equipment of boilers may be different.

2. What is the difference between boilers “Standart” and boilers “Universal”?

Answer: “Universal” boilers are manufactured on the basis of boiler tube Ø 159. Due to peculiarity of their construction such boilers are scale resistant and they can use water of any hardness.

3. What is the difference between HWBm and HWBa?

Answer: HWBm – is a hot-water boiler with manual coal conveying, HWBa – is a hot-water boiler with automatic coal conveying.

4. Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?

Answer: “Sibkotlomash” is a production association. Boiler equipment is manufactured here.

5. Does “Sibkotlomash” manufacture steam boilers?

Answer: No. Specialization of the plant is hot-water boilers burning solid fuel.

6. Where are you located? How can we get there?

Ansewr: Traktovaya street 50B, Barnaul,

Altai krai. Contact our managers (3852-22-33-04) to arrange the meeting.

7. Is it possible to purchase in installments?

Answer: yes, it’s possible. You may discuss paying conditions with the head of sales department


8. Is it possible to purchase on lease?

Answer: yes, it’s possible. You may discuss leasing conditions with the head of sales department


9. If you don’t have a boiler with capacity 1,45 MWt in stock, what is the period of its manufacturing?

Answer: any type of boilers will be manufactured in 203 weeks.

10. Do you have assembling service?

Answer: yes. We suggest total complex of services. From design to starting-up and adjustment.

You may discuss the conditions with our managers (3852-22-33-04).

11. Who performs delivery and how?

Answer: you may choose either our delivery or self-delivery. See “Services” for further information.

12. Do you make construction documents?

Answer: yes. Contact our technical specialists (3852-22-33-06)

13. What is the price of standard modular boiler plant?

Answer: standard modular boiler plants do not exist. In any case it is necessary to take into consideration further specifications – capacity, number of boilers, way of fuel conveying, auxiliary equipment – to make calculations. You may leave preliminary application on the website – our managers will make necessary calculations.

14. Which spare parts do you have in stock?

Answer: the assortment is very wide and it is constantly being replenished. It is better to make a concrete inquiry – and we will send you a commercial offer.

15. How can I get your production price-list?

Answer: send your inquiry to our managers. See “Ask the manager” for further information.

16 What kind of discount can we get?

Answer: conditions of partnership are individual and depend on ordered equipment, period of delivery, conditions of assembling and other parameters.

You may discuss conditions with the head of sales department


17. How many real boiler equipment plants are there in Barnaul?

Answer: in reality only few. Boiler equipment refers to equipment for special purposes and not every plant can produce it and make it effectively.

Mostly there are only resellers at the market. See “It is important to know!” for further information


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