Modular boiler plants

Our enterprise offers our customers mobile modular boiler plants burning different types of fuel for continuous hot water delivery to production and residential buildings, community and social object with reduction in building, launch and operation expenditure.

Modular boiler plants – are modern boiler complexes which include the whole technological process of getting the necessary coal fraction, loading and burning fuel, purification of furnace gases, conveying and gathering fuel ash, and also providing necessary labor conditions of the personnel.

Modular boiler plants with the capacity below 20 MWt are manufactured on the basis of hot-water boilers and correspond to technological complex, consisting of one or more transportable blocks with the maximum grade of manufacture with thermo insulated floor, walls and roof. The equipment is installed and strapped in each block. At customer’s option modular boiler plant may be equipped with a sanitary room, shower cabin, operator’s room and personal service room. Cooling and heating of the room is performed with the help of cooling-heating system.

List of equipment:

Basic equipment includes installation of modular block, hot-water boilers with manual coal conveyer, ash disposal, pumps, smoke exhauster, smoke stack, water distribution pipe system.

Additional equipment may include installation of coal conveying system, mechanical fuel feeding system (feeder, mechanical furnace), slag and ash disposals, water treatment equipment, automatic and electric equipment, additional rooms in the module – toilet, shower cabin, personal service room, operator’s room.