MBP 10 MWt

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готовые котельные


Modular boiler plant with the capacity 10 MWt


corresponds to automatic complex with coal conveying, ash disposal and gas purification systems.

1. Boiler plant of this type consists of a single complex. It is equipped with 4 “Universal” boilers with the capacity 2,5 MWt each of them with mechanical coal conveying. Capacity of the boiler plant allows to heat 100 000 square meters area of residential or production territory.

2. The module is spacious enough for 10 persons being there simultaneously. It is possible to install a personal service room for the personnel of the boiler plant. The temperature inside the boiler plant is comfortable for round-the-clock job because of continuous cooling of the area. Boiler plant has two entrances.

3. Boiler plant is provided with daylight illumination through six plastic windows as well as with artificial lighting.

4. Coal conveying system is realized with the help of belt conveyer which allows to load large amount of coal and automatically divide it between boilers. Mechanical furnace ТШПМ with poking plank provides with steady distribution of coal on the surface of the furnace. Principle of operation of mechanical furnace make it possible to achieve high coefficient of efficiency and make stoker’s work much easier.

5. Installation of cyclone allows to purify air according to the standards and even better. If the cyclone is installed it is possible to burn coal of any quality and the system all combustion product gases. Adjacent territory will be clear without any deposition of ash.

6. Ash disposing is performed in an automatic mode by switching on belt conveyer. Conveyer carries ash to the storage hopper situated high enough for motor transport to come to. Complete or partial discharge of waste products into motor transport or special containers takes place when the storage hopper is full.

7. The system allows to track the operations of all four boiler units by validators and inform stockers in proper time about changes of temperature conditions, pressure and other parameters.

The equipment of boiler plants is installed and strapped in each block.